Thursday, July 21

Kennedy's secret deal with Khruschev

This is the first time I read or hear about this! Incredible! Read the whole piece at Thanks to Babalu Blog for the link to this one!

Kennedy's secret deal with Khruschev forbad any liberation of Cuba, not just by the U.S. but by any group or nation in the Hemisphere. Indeed it was up to the U.S. to prevent any such liberation attempts. The Best and Brightest not only pulled the rug out from Cuba's freedom-fighters, they also sanctioned the 40,000 Soviet troops and KGB goons already in Cuba coaching and aiding Castro's butchery of these freedom-fighters.

Richard Nixon summed up the the Missile Crisis "resolution" best. "First we goofed an invasion--now we give the Soviets squatters rights in our backyard."

Joint Chiefs member General Curtis Lemay slammed his fist on his desk and bellowed: "The biggest defeat in U.S. history!

Admiral Anderson, in charge of the very naval "blockade' against Cuba got the news of the "resolution" and shouted. "We've been had!"

In his memoirs Nikita Khrushchev himself clarified the matter: "It would have been ridiculous for us to go to war over Cuba--for a country 12,000 miles away. For us, war was unthinkable. [So much for all the media and Hollywood hype of those peril-filled Thirteen Days] We ended up getting exactly what we'd wanted all along, security for Fidel Castro's regime and American missiles removed from Turkey. Until today the U.S. has complied with her promise not to interfere with Castro and not to allow anyone else to interfere with Castro. After Kennedy's death, his successor Lyndon Johnson assured us that he would keep the promise not to invade Cuba" [emphasis added].