Thursday, July 21


This from the web site:
The MSM is complicit (along with the business community and numerous Hispanic organizations) in encouraging illegal entry into the United States by highlighting weepy deportation stories whenever they can. Get ready to get mad, click here.
I do have to say that these are the stories that reveal the true victims of illegal immigrating--the children. I feel for these 4 young latinos, but there where choices made and consequences to those. We must live under the law! I do think the parent's should face up to the law as well--they are the ones who brought these 4 individuals as children. They should face repercussions as well.

Considering the London Bombing this morning, it may be good time to stop playing games with people, and start talking about the reality of an unsecured border. Illegal immigration is a symptom of a broken border security system.

I heard talk this morning on the Laura Ingraham show about a new piece of legislation that would give illegals 5 years to return to their home countries, and would then allow a legal, secured method for guest workers to enter our country. It sounded interesting, but I can't find any more information on it. As soon as I have it, I will post it here.