Friday, July 22

Wilson Four Can Stay in U.S.

In a reversal, an immigration judge ruled yesterday that the wilson four, the honors students who faced deportation after being detained by immigration agents while on a trip to a science competition, would be able to stay in the US after all. I apreciate Rick Oltman's statement. That is what this issue is about--the rule of law.

This case just demonstrates (I know, I am repeating myself) the mess our immigration laws are in as a result of court mendling, and political correctness. For the safety of our nation, for the prosperity of hard working citizens and legal immigrants, and for the future of our children, it's time to fix the immigration problem.
Rick Oltman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which supports tighter restrictions on immigration, said that if the students' rights were violated, the ruling should stand. "We support the law," he said.

But he said there would be additional cases like this one as children of illegal immigrants grew up.

"Clearly, something needs to be determined here so we can either remove the impediments to deportation or allow the people who've been here to adjust their status," Oltman said.

The case of the "Wilson Four," named after their high school, has transfixed Phoenix for years. The students were members of an after-school workshop on solar energy when they traveled to Buffalo for a national competition on building and racing a solar-powered boat.

In their testimony, the four described how their teachers took them to Niagara Falls, where immigration agents became suspicious because the students were Latino, and held them for nine hours without letting them contact attorneys. The agents approached some of the students and after determining that one was in the country illegally, demanded that their teachers bring the rest in for interrogation.