Thursday, July 21

Venezuelan official criticizes US plan for radio, TV broadcasts

The Associated Press is reporting on Chavez' and the Venezuelan Ambasador's reaction to the news of the amendment authorizing U.S. radio and television broadcasts to Venezuela.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called an amendment authorizing U.S. radio and television broadcasts to Venezuela to ensure its citizens receive "accurate news" another "desperate attack by the imperialists."

Chavez said Wednesday that Venezuela's government would "jam the signal" of any broadcasts from the United States, but added he would "carefully evaluate" the decision made earlier in the day by members of the House of Representatives.

"We'll see if the U.S. government takes any action because what they have done is give the green light to the government, so it takes the initiative," said Chavez, one of Latin America's most outspoken critics of U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Venezuela's ambassador in Washington, Bernardo Alvarez, said "manipulation and lack of knowledge" led to the approval in the U.S. Congress of the amendment authorizing future broadcasts aimed at establishing a counterweight to Telesur, a recently launched TV station backed by Venezuela, Argentina, communist-led Cuba and Uruguay