Friday, July 22


I just learned about the controversy surrounding the new development around the Freedom Tower in Miami. I don't know the details, so I am not sure what to say. I do know that it is my desire, as of every other Cuban, that this landmark be perserved as a monument to freedom.

The following two opinions apeared on the Miami Herald:
Posted on Fri, Jul. 22, 2005

I attended Wednesday's hearing on the Freedom Tower project to learn more about it before I took sides on the issue.

I believe now that the Miami Planning Advisory Board, although acting with good intentions, is suffering from shortsightedness. Hopefully, city commissioners will let the project proceed.

The bottom line is that the Freedom Tower will be preserved. Maybe not as a skyline head turner, but as the beautiful and dominant centerpiece of a bustling plaza.

The tower will remain a centerpiece, but also become the center of cultural events and a gathering place for tourists and locals.

If not Pedro Martin, then another developer will certainly build high-rises around the tower. It is possible that someone else would not be as kind to the Freedom Tower as Martin appears to be.

I hope that commissioners realize this as well.

RAMON MAYOR, Sunny Isles Beach

Re the July 21 article Condo project hits snag: Pedro Martin's plan to overshadow the Freedom Tower with a condominium is unnecessary. It's a shame that he wants to disgrace such a beautiful monument in order to make money. Miami has enough luxury condos going up already.

Again the dollar has a chance to win over history, sacrifice and decency. We need to take a stand and make decisions that mold our city into one that not only looks to the future, but also respects the past.

Why not build a condo around the Philadelphia Liberty Bell or put high-rises on Ellis Island? Because history must be preserved. Time will tell what Miami chooses.

JULES MASON, Sunny Isles Beach