Sunday, July 17

Hurricane Emily's Winds Begin to Lash Yucatan

The AP is reporting on Hurricane Emily and the toll in Mexico. It is expected to hit Texas.
Two people also were killed in a helicopter crash in the Gulf of Mexico as more than 15,500 workers were evacuated from offshore oil platforms.

The Category 4 storm pounded Jamaica's southern coast, then made a jag to the south that spared the Cayman Islands before it set course for Mexico with 145 mph winds. It was expected to land near Cancun on Sunday night or early Monday.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said the storm would probably weaken as it crossed the Yucatan peninsula on its way to the Gulf.

Emily was likely to make landfall again on Wednesday anywhere from northeastern Mexico to southern Texas, Jack Beven, the hurricane specialist at the Miami-based center said, but cautioned it was too early to make a precise prediction.