Friday, July 22

Secure America Act, Finding Solutions to illegal immigration

What is this about a Secure America Act? I read up on Kolbe site, but I can't find the text. I am concerned that the Title III: Essential Worker Visa Program won't fix the problem. I am told of 5 year waiting period and all sorts of abuses happening in embassies in Central and South America. If poor, but honest and hard working immigrant cannot promptly process their requests to find work in the US, they will continue to pursue illegal methods. Additionally, more has to be done to hold these countries accountable for their economic, and corruption problems.
Christina DeConcini, a spokeswoman for the National Immigration Forum, a nonprofit group in Washington, said her group supports the Secure America Act. Ultimately, she said, helping workers in Mexico and other low-wage nations earn higher wages at home is the best way to reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming to the United States.

“The vast majority of illegal immigrants come to this country to work — not for political freedom,” DeConcini said. “Until there is less poverty in Mexico and other low-wage countries, the number of illegal immigrants in Vermont and nationally is likely to keep growing.”