Friday, July 22

Roberts nomination -- Does the Constitution Matter?

Are we no longer a democracy guided by the principles of the Constitution? Where is our nation going to when "slightly more than half of all Americans what to know" a Supreme Court nominee's views on a controversial issue, and see this is a the crux of the matter, versus actually following the letter of the law as it is written?

My question is, if so many American's care about abortion, and believe it is so important, why don't they push for a Constitutional amendment? That would solve the whole controversy. At the very least, while immoral killing of millions of children, we would be within the law. The truth is those that oppose true freedom of choice--the choice to be informed, and the choice to know the real consequences of an abortion--do not have a logical argument that resonates. It is just not convincing. If it was, we would see the country going in a different direction. Wake up America. Stop the murders!
Washington -- Slightly more than half of all Americans, and a solid majority of women, want to know John Roberts position on abortion before the Senate votes on whether to elevate him to the Supreme Court. Abortion is sure to come up at his Senate confirmation hearings and an Associated Press-Ipsos survey found 52 per cent believe he should give his position on the controversial matter before lawmakers vote on him, while 42 per cent said he should not.
On a second thought, this sounds like more statistics propaganda. I find it hard to believe that more than half of American's and a solid majority of women care this much about abortion. My propaganda alarm went off on this one.

Who did they survey; progressive, lesbian women in San Francisco or maybe it was a survey done to the American Abortionist Association of America?